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Growing up in New Jersey, my mother and I would always find things to craft.  My mother, the craft queen, always inspired me to create new things.  My path of creativity would lead me to a career in music, bringing me to the University of Massachusetts for a Bachelors in Music Education and Bassoon Performance.  Three weeks after graduating, I attended Marine Corps basic training in Parris Island, NC, and after 10 months of training and schooling, I arrived at my first duty station in New Orleans, LA, as a regional musician.  While in the Marines, I had many diverse training experiences, including my certification as a black belt martial arts instructor. (Watch out!) I was also able to complete my Masters in Music Education from Boston University. I was able to travel around the country in three short years, supporting the Marine Corps and creating ties between the military and local communities.

After my contract was completed, I decided to take the civilian route for 10 short months, but the military itch came creeping back.  There was an opening for an Air Force Band position in San Antonio, and I was fortunate enough to win the audition.  Dressed up in new fatigues, I eagerly took the job head-on, and San Antonio is where I currently reside. I recently left active duty in December of 2022 to take care of my son while my husband continues his active duty service. 

My business was started only a short time ago, beginning in July 2020. During this time, the Air Force was switching its’ uniforms from the Airman Battle Uniforms to the Operational Camouflage Pattern.  In a Women Veterans’ Facebook group, I asked what I should do with the uniforms.  A popular response was to make a wreath, but I had no idea how to even begin creating one.  I asked my crafty mother, who encouraged me to bring home my uniforms during a trip home, and we would come up with a plan.  Sure enough, the prototype was born, and I posted a shoddy picture of me with a messy bun and over-sized tee shirt onto the veteran page.  After having an alarming amount of comments beg for a wreath, a business was born! Since that time, I have made over 2000 wreaths, sent to all ends of the country.  

These wreaths are not JUST a decoration.  Each tells a story and honors military service from all six branches, and I am honored that I can the closing chapter of that story.  As a veteran of two services, I understand the significance of military service and will make sure to uphold the highest standards of honor to your military service.


Please feel free to reach out anytime on either my Facebook page or e-mail. 

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