8" Customizable Wreath

Not recommended for outdoor use! 


Please send all uniforms to - 4102 S. New Braunfels Ave, Suite 110-514, San Antonio, TX 78223


If you need me to provide a service or name tape, make sure to click the appropriate service, or chose the "yes" option under the name tape.  If you have a name/service tape affixed to the uniform you'd like me to use, please choose "Use my Uniform Donation". 


Please enter in the notes if you would like me to use any other parts of the uniform (if you sending one) - I.E. Patches, ranks, etc. 


If you are not sending a uniform but would like a rank/patch affixed, please notate, and if I have it in stock I will add it, of no charge. If I do not have the item requested I will reach out. 

8" Wreath